Theatre Nearing Completion

2 years ago

Construction on the Mainstage

In the golden age of theater, we would dress for the theater. In my case, the last item to crown my tails would be the black tie. After spats, studs and braces my full attention would be on adjusting the black tie just so. Though it was the most diminutive part of the ensemble, it usually required the most attention. So it is with our new theatre. Her structure is quite complete. Elevator installed, walls finished, miles of wire behind them and rest rooms tiled. Now we struggle with that pesky tie.

The first few moths the theater almost literally flew up. Now it creeps. But attention to this detail is still quite necessary. Many dozens of small details such as drainage for the main marquee sign, a missing inverter in the plans and how to handle an unexpected issue of 6 inch elevation difference between theater and street. The routing of conduit in the lobby modified the lobby ceiling wood panels. The air handling units have been turned on. The system must now be balanced for optimal air flow. There is a slight issue with the city concerning water bills. Many inspections must soon be performed before our certificate of occupancy can be awarded (hopefully) on 1 April. Then we can begin to move into our new home and wake it up.

But stand in the balcony and look toward the stage, and you see a distinctly unique theatre. Somewhat reminiscent of an opera house. Even without seats, a main drape or even the finished stage floor, it is unmistakably the jewel our community deserves.

More to come soon!

John Stevens
First Vice President

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